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Challenges mode is a puzzle mode in which you work with a limited number of resources and a constraint set of blocks to achieve a particular goal. The game currently features 20 Challenge levels, and we will add more over time.

Easy challenges[edit | edit source]

1. It's all about water[edit | edit source]

"Water is an essential resource of any community. Water can be collected from the ground, rivers or rain, but often needs to be transported long distances to be used. Let's explore the economy of water."

Objective: Produce 250 units of water.

Strategy: This challenge introduces the fundamental dependencies of life in your 'Hood. Everything stems from water, but in this challenge water is only available from Water Towers, which require money to operate. Money, in turn, comes from the Corner Store, which then requires consumers. Consumers require somewhere to live, and their homes will require a comfortable living environment, which means trees... and that means water! In other words, you'll have to sustain a miniature ecosystem in order to complete this challenge, using one resource to produce others in order to fulfill different block requirements. Be careful to balance the production and consumption of different resources; as many blocks will require multiple inputs. For example, you'll find that electricity is used by several blocks, and as your small 'Hood grows you don't want to risk running out of power or, even worse, running out of space for new solar panels. If you find yourself short on space after you've built apartments and a corner store, consider trying to re-use the wasted greywater. It's just sitting there right now, but it might be the key to securing your water supplies if you can't build any more water towers...

2. A knowledge economy[edit | edit source]

"What will happen to our cities without education? Knowledge drives the market in cities. Knowledge leads to innovation and invention."

Objective: produce 10 units of knowledge.

Strategy: Now that you've established a functioning 'Hood which can support inhabitants, it's time to educate the next generation. In the first stage of this challenge, you'll be required to create an ecosystem capable of sustaining its own needs for water, electricity, fresh air, leisure and money. Then, you'll be able to support the Large Apartment, which allows families to live in your 'Hood. Aside from the usual outputs of consumers, greywater and organic waste which you'd expect from a family apartment, the Large Apt also produces youth. Youth represents the children born to families in your 'Hood, and also represents a vital resource for your 'Hood's future prosperity. When educated in a school, these children are able to produce knowledge, which can be used by more advanced blocks such as the office building. In this challenge, you should already have plenty of money in order to satisfy your 'Hood's requirements while you build up your knowledge; however if you run low on money then an office will provide more. Much more, in fact, than many alternatives (such as a corner store) would.

Intermediate[edit | edit source]

Advanced challenges[edit | edit source]

12. Zero footprint[edit | edit source]

Possible solution to challenge 12

"Excess is never good... Create fresh air and keep all other resources low. You need to think how each unit relates to another."

Objective: Create 500 units of Fresh Air and have less than 80 of all other Resources in the end (except for Wilderness).

Strategy: This challenge is currently only achievable due to Wilderness not counting amongst "all other resources". The trick to winning this challenge is to use Blocks that have very few types of outputs, in order to be able to manage each on their own. You should use a kind of plant that does not produce Leisure because that is a resource that is very hard to eliminate. You will start with a fixed amount of Money that has to be reduced to 80 to win. Your Water Towers will reduce this value, but, if after finishing the challenge you still have money left you can use Elevators in combination with Solar Panels.

The best combination of blocks to win would be: Solar Panels, Water Towers, Sprinklers and Bristlecone Pines. Tweak the amounts to keep the resources low.