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Blocks are the basic unit that comprise the contents of every level in Block'hood. Blocks can range from modular apartment buildings, business storefronts, machinery, public installations, circulation spaces, to patches of natural flora. The intent behind abstracting the elements of an inhabited environment into these modular components is to clarify ecological relationships between the elements so that they are more digestible and to facilitate creativity and experimentation with an urban fabric.

Anatomy of a Block[edit | edit source]

Besides their name and description, every block in the game will have most, if not all, of the following mechanical components: Input, Output, Resilience, Production Rate, Synergy, Decayed Form and Regeneration Cost.

Block Inventory Categories[edit | edit source]

When accessing and building in Block'hood, all blocks are generally categorized into one of four inventory Categories: Public Space, Production, Buildings, and Organics.

Public Space[edit | edit source]

Public Space blocks are manmade installations intended for public use by inhabitants of a 'Hood. Circulation and structural blocks that provide Access can be found here as well as many spaces geared toward community use and activities.

Tab pub I.png

Corridor.pngStructured Corridor I.pngStructured Corridor II.pngStructured Corridor V.png
Structured Corridor -V.pngElevator.pngNewsstand.pngLamppost.png
Neon Ad 1.pngNeon Ad 2.pngNeon Ad 3.pngNeon Ad 4.png
Neon Ad 5.pngPlanters.pngPlayground.pngPlaza.png
Sitting Area.pngStairs.pngStructure I.pngStructure II.png
Structure V.pngStructure -V.pngEscalator.pngCommunity Center.png

Tab pub II.png

Beer Garden.pngRecycling Plant.pngWaste Sorting Center.pngCemetery.png
Vegetable Stand.pngCheese Stand.pngFish Stand.pngFruit Stand.png
Solar Tree.pngFood Truck.pngBasketball Court.pngFootball Pitch.png
Runway Stage.pngAmphitheater.pngBike Station.pngBotanical Garden.png
Green Wall.pngObelisk.pngTorii Arch.pngSpa.png
Hybrid Park I.pngHybrid Park II.pngHybrid Park III.pngHybrid Park IV.png

Tab pub III.png

Zen Garden.pngPlaceholder.pngPlaceholder.pngPlaceholder.png

Production[edit | edit source]

Production blocks tend to be blocks specialized in providing specific Outputs for the 'Hood or particular production chain. Generators, factories, storage facilities, and farms are sorted here, as well as intermediate processing machinery. Most means of producing Water and Electricity will be found here.

Tab pro I.png

Algae Farm.pngAnaerobic Digestor.pngBee Farm.pngBiomass Generator.png
Fish Farm.pngHydroponic Farm.pngCompost Plant.pngLandfill.png
Oil Well.pngOil Tank.pngSolar Panel.pngVegetable Farm.png
Water Tower.pngWater Well.pngWindmill.pngOil Generator.png
Gas Generator.pngIncinerator.pngBoiler.pngFog Collector.png
Solar Heater.pngRice Field.pngGeothermal Generator.pngSprinklers.png

Tab pro II.png

Brewery.pngWheat Field.pngPig Pen.pngCow Pasture.png
Corn Field.pngVineyard.pngGrain Silo.pngWine Cellar.png
Fermenter.pngChicken Barn.pngSheep Pasture.pngCow Cafo.png
GMO Corn Field.pngPesticide Shack.pngEthanol Distillery.pngEthanol Generator.png
Cotton Field.pngIndustrial Gin.pngCotton Mill.pngWool Mill.png
Ostrich Farm.pngWater Treatment Plant.pngDry Coffee Processing.pngWet Coffee Process.png

Buildings[edit | edit source]

Building blocks will be blocks that most closely resemble aspects of urban buildings and skyscrapers. Apartments, shops and offices can be found here, as well as several community resources that are normally housed in buildings.

Tab bui I.png

Corner Store.pngPlastics Factory.pngCapsule Hotel.pngCorner Apt.png
Large Apt.pngSmall Apt.pngMarket.pngOffice.png
School.pngGreenhouse.pngCorp. Office.pngHotel Room.png
Art Gallery.pngCoffee Shop.pngMakerspace.pngTech Office.png
Tech Factory.pngLibrary.pngBarbershop.pngDiner.png

Tab bui II.png

Antenna.pngButcher Shop.pngFine Restaurant.pngShack I.png
Shack II.pngShack III.pngGarment Sweatshop.pngClothing Retailer.png
Studio Space.pngData Center.pngProcessed Food Factory.pngFast Food Restaurant.png
Internet Cafe.pngJazz Club.pngLuxury Apartment.pngLuxury Loft.png
Mediatheque.pngNoodle Stall.pngShipping Center.pngSushi Bar.png
Brownstone Apt.pngWine Bar.pngYoga Studio.pngCross Support.png

Organics[edit | edit source]

Organic blocks encompass aspects of the natural environment that can be included in a 'Hood. Wild plants, varieties of trees, and different kinds of terrain can be found in this category.

Tab org I.png

Flower Garden.pngGrass.pngCorner Grass Hill.pngGrass Hill.png
Palm.pngOak Tree.pngPlum Tree.pngPond.png
Sand.pngBeech Tree Grove.pngElm Trees.pngAsh Tree.png
Maze Garden X.pngMaze Garden I.pngMaze Garden L.pngMaze Garden O.png
Maze Garden T.pngSoil.pngJapanese Pine.pngPoplar Tree.png
Willow Tree.pngPine Tree.pngApple Orchard.pngWetland.png

Tab org II.png

Moss Campion.pngBristlecone Pine.pngOlive Tree.pngWhite Birch.png
Mangrove.pngSaguaro Cactus.pngSoaptree Yucca.pngBarrel Cactus.png
Foxtails.pngWild Oats.pngBengal Bamboo.pngKapok Tree.png
Tualang Tree.pngUmbrella Thorn Acacia.pngWild Date Palm.pngWhite Spruce.png
Arctic Moss.pngArctic Willow.pngCanal L.pngCanal -.png
Canal I.pngCanal T.pngShaded Coffee Field.pngSun Coffee Field.png